Goal of this blog.

As a young republican, it’s a frustrating world out there.  I’m absolutely misunderstood, because everyone who disagrees believes that:

  1. I’m against women having rights and that they should be in the home, barefoot and pregnant.
    Truth:  This is false.  I believe women do have rights to vote and be out in the world being treated the way men are.  I just don’t believe that women have the right to take their unborn child’s life.
  2. I’m against gay people.
    Truth:  I’m definitely not against gay people.  I have gay friends and wish them every happiness they deserve.  I just believe that government should butt out of marriage and what the definition should be.  They spout out that church and state should be separate from each other, but marriage is a church issue.
  3. I’m a racist.
    Truth: No, I definitely didn’t vote for the “first black president”, but that’s because I DO NOT believe in anything he believes or stands for.  He is morally against everything I believe in.

I’m sure there is a lot more I could add, but these are the three I thought I’d bring up first.  They are the most common arguments made against me.  I thought I would just clarify this shit before someone comes and jumps on me about it.

The goal of this blog is to expose the truths about Obama, the most corrupt, evil person who has ever been president.  He is loved by too many and it’s time to remove the vale and see clearly for once.


One thought on “Goal of this blog.

  1. Just learn to deal with it and learn to understand the simple truth that those Liberals don’t deserve to have opinions, much less voice them, and they’re being allowed to do so is just another hand-out.

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