My View on Modern Feminism

My take on modern feminism is: it’s a complete waste of time.  UNLESS, they were actually out in other countries fighting for real oppressed women.  INSTEAD, we have a bunch of whiners who believe that everyone is out to violate their body or just bullying men for simply being who they are, men.  

Similar to the equal rights activists, feminism is not about balancing out males and females.  It’s all about power struggle.

We need to really take a look at our priorities. Are we really as oppressed as the modern feminist would tell you we are? Ask a modern feminist about the Muslim women who have to watch their female child go through a torturous vaginal circumcision. Would they even care? What about a gay man who enters into a Muslim country?  He’s doomed to die if he’s found out.  They aren’t peaceful or tolerant toward women or homosexuals.

Modern feminism only focuses on women not getting paid fairly or women who claim they have been raped but in all reality, it’s consensual.  

So overall, modern feminism is a joke to me.



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