End Times?

You might read this and think that I’m crazy or paranoid or perhaps on drugs, but sadly none of those listed reasons are why I feel the way I do.  I truly, in my heart of hearts, believe that we are living in the End Times.  Do I mean the end will be here today, tomorrow or even next year? I don’t know, we’re not supposed to know, but in my very soul I feel like it. The morality of this country and the entire world are completely bankrupt, which is a real and very telling sign.

Now, I will explain clearly what my opinions are just based off of current events and situations. Firstly, there’s ISIS a looming power in the Middle East, which Obama is underestimating.  They’re major threats to the Jewish and Christian people, and if their beheadings haven’t been enough, what is Obama? They have killed countless children in front of the mothers who have been taken into slavery.  They teach their own children to blow themselves up for a pitiful god. They claim to follow Islam when they’re really following Satan. The god of Islam tells his followers to kill the non-believers if they refuse to convert.  ISIS also said that their army is going to bring the Apocalypse. That’s deeply disturbing to me.

Secondly, the rise of American hatred toward its’ own values and beliefs is reeling to me.  We have always been a free country who stood tall and other countries actually admired us.  Our founders came here to get away from a greedy king and to create a society with freedom of religion. Today, we have colleges who want to remove the American flag from their property claiming that it’s offensive to some students. What? We have a president who hates America and is fundamentally transforming it. Our country, to my knowledge, is the only empire that hasn’t fallen on it’s ass, but Obama and his corrupt minions are making it possible for our country to crumble and rebuild into something foreign to us. The foreign concept will be communism. In Revelations, it says there will be a *religious and political force that will disguise itself as good while in reality they are undermining and deceiving us and doing evil. A couple examples are health care (Obamacare), and net neutrality.

Thirdly, World War III is on the horizon.  It definitely will happen in our lifetime.  The tensions around the world are high and it seems like nothing good will come.  Russia is another force we cannot underestimate, because Putin likes to kill any threats or opposers. The Middle East has ISIS who needs to be taken out. Persecution of the Jews and Christians all over the world is a rising dilemma. Israel is our ally, but it seems like we’re pushing them away and not helping them. I do believe the reason why Obama doesn’t completely support Israel is because he’s a Muslim.

In conclusion, we have a lot to worry about and if you’re not worried, than shame on you for not being aware of the problems we have.  The opinions are solely are mine, go ahead and make fun of me if you don’t agree, but my faith remains unshaken.  Only God knows when it’ll happen, but eventually it will.  In Him I trust completely.

Thank you for taking your time to read my thoughts.  I plan on blogging much more often than I have.  Please comment or let me know your thoughts on this subject.

(Note: *I don’t know who the religious leader is going to be when it comes to Revelations.)


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