Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner

We all sin.

The purpose of life is to sin, to learn life’s lessons so that we could humble ourselves before God. I think if we didn’t struggle at all, we would be worse off than we are now. Today’s society is teaching people to ‘change with the times’, that includes the Bible. The Bible will never change and if it does, well, it’s not to benefit.

The Bible is written the way it is for a reason.  We’re supposed to follow it as best as possible.  Liberals and anti-religious people continue to bring up arguments about stoning adulterers and women who have sex out of wedlock. No, we’re not going to follow that, because Jesus forgives.

The only reason for not being allowed to eat shellfish, pork, and shrimp was because of diseases. Now we can eat them, without the danger of dying. We wouldn’t go to hell for eating them.

People are too comfortable today embracing sin.  It’s okay to be a homosexual.  It’s okay to be promiscuous. It’s okay to get trashed or high as a kite.  It’s okay to worship celebrities as if they were gods. It’s all good.

Life is temporary and you will not go to heaven if you do not repent for your sins.  You can be a good person, who feeds the poor, loves their neighbor, saves dogs from kill shelters, and the list goes on.  If you do not accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you will not inherit the kingdom of Heaven.

Everyone must overcome their sins, whether we ask God for help or repent for them.  The same goes for the drunkard, the adulterers, and the homosexuals.


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