Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner

We all sin.

The purpose of life is to sin, to learn life’s lessons so that we could humble ourselves before God. I think if we didn’t struggle at all, we would be worse off than we are now. Today’s society is teaching people to ‘change with the times’, that includes the Bible. The Bible will never change and if it does, well, it’s not to benefit.

The Bible is written the way it is for a reason.  We’re supposed to follow it as best as possible.  Liberals and anti-religious people continue to bring up arguments about stoning adulterers and women who have sex out of wedlock. No, we’re not going to follow that, because Jesus forgives.

The only reason for not being allowed to eat shellfish, pork, and shrimp was because of diseases. Now we can eat them, without the danger of dying. We wouldn’t go to hell for eating them.

People are too comfortable today embracing sin.  It’s okay to be a homosexual.  It’s okay to be promiscuous. It’s okay to get trashed or high as a kite.  It’s okay to worship celebrities as if they were gods. It’s all good.

Life is temporary and you will not go to heaven if you do not repent for your sins.  You can be a good person, who feeds the poor, loves their neighbor, saves dogs from kill shelters, and the list goes on.  If you do not accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you will not inherit the kingdom of Heaven.

Everyone must overcome their sins, whether we ask God for help or repent for them.  The same goes for the drunkard, the adulterers, and the homosexuals.


Defund Planned Parenthood!

Life is not an easy road, I completely understand that.  If you are someone who made the choice to have an abortion, I don’t know you.  I don’t pretend to understand the situation you were in that time.  I have no idea if you were happy, sad, or indifferent afterwards.  I need you to listen though, just read this with an open heart and open mind.

God sent His only Son here to forgive us for our sins.  Abortion is forgivable.  Murder is forgivable.  All you need to do is accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and repent truthfully.

We need to defund Planned Parenthood.  If you’re a woman who is pro-choice, you might be wondering why.  You might think that if we stop supporting PP, women’s health care will cease to exist.  Who told you that lie?  We can go to any hospital, any clinic and get help if we need it.  There are many, many free organizations that will help you if you have an unplanned pregnancy.  They will give you resources that include placing your child for adoption.  They will help you find a shelter if you are homeless and pregnant.  They offer free pregnancy/parenting classes and as you go you receive mommy dollars to purchase formula and clothing.  They have free ultrasounds for you.  They offer you love and understanding.

However, they do not offer abortion services.

I understand that PP can offer some of these things, but their widely most used service is abortion.  They do not tell you that abortion is not a fix all end all solution.  Many women post-abortion are left feeling empty and have long term depression after an abortion.  A lot of women experience substance abuse or drug abuse to mend what they’ve broken inside of them.  Some women even get pregnant within 6-12 months after an abortion, to replace their lost child.  They can experience anniversary depression.

The liberal media and pro-choice agenda will tell you that this is a woman’s right.  Abortion is a woman’s right.  Well, the unborn baby could be a female. What about her right? She has her own separate body from her mothers.  She is inside the body of her mother, but she is not the mother’s body. Her DNA is her own.  She can feel pain, she reacts to her parents voices.  She’s not unhuman, she is fully human.

We need to re-educate ourselves. Planned Parenthood was founded by Margret Sanger.  She did not want to see the world corrupted by interracial children.  She wanted the blacks to cease existing, thus creating the life ending term: abortion.  She really did succeed in her mission, because 13 million black babies are aborted each year.

If you are pregnant and need assistance, please seek help elsewhere. Planned Parenthood is a house of death. Pro-life means all life. We don’t just care about the unborn, we care about the baby after birth, the child, the teenager, the adult, the old. We respect all life.

24-7 Pregnancy Support Hotline: (800) 848-LOVE (5683)

Do Not Be Deceived

I would take a bullet to save a gay man or woman, they are people after all.  I love the gays as people.

If there was a faulty elevator, would I let them fall to their death? No.  I would tell them that there’s something wrong with it.

Well the same thing applies to homosexuality, would I let them live and love who they want, without telling them the consequences of their actions? Everyone has the right to know if they are going to hell or not.

1 Corinthians 6:9 tells us that homosexuality is one of the things that will not allow you to inherit the kingdom of Heaven. Unless you repent for your sins and trust in Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

It doesn’t mean you aren’t loved by Jesus, because He loves you more than you realize. We are all sinners, but we must overcome.

End Times?

You might read this and think that I’m crazy or paranoid or perhaps on drugs, but sadly none of those listed reasons are why I feel the way I do.  I truly, in my heart of hearts, believe that we are living in the End Times.  Do I mean the end will be here today, tomorrow or even next year? I don’t know, we’re not supposed to know, but in my very soul I feel like it. The morality of this country and the entire world are completely bankrupt, which is a real and very telling sign.

Now, I will explain clearly what my opinions are just based off of current events and situations. Firstly, there’s ISIS a looming power in the Middle East, which Obama is underestimating.  They’re major threats to the Jewish and Christian people, and if their beheadings haven’t been enough, what is Obama? They have killed countless children in front of the mothers who have been taken into slavery.  They teach their own children to blow themselves up for a pitiful god. They claim to follow Islam when they’re really following Satan. The god of Islam tells his followers to kill the non-believers if they refuse to convert.  ISIS also said that their army is going to bring the Apocalypse. That’s deeply disturbing to me.

Secondly, the rise of American hatred toward its’ own values and beliefs is reeling to me.  We have always been a free country who stood tall and other countries actually admired us.  Our founders came here to get away from a greedy king and to create a society with freedom of religion. Today, we have colleges who want to remove the American flag from their property claiming that it’s offensive to some students. What? We have a president who hates America and is fundamentally transforming it. Our country, to my knowledge, is the only empire that hasn’t fallen on it’s ass, but Obama and his corrupt minions are making it possible for our country to crumble and rebuild into something foreign to us. The foreign concept will be communism. In Revelations, it says there will be a *religious and political force that will disguise itself as good while in reality they are undermining and deceiving us and doing evil. A couple examples are health care (Obamacare), and net neutrality.

Thirdly, World War III is on the horizon.  It definitely will happen in our lifetime.  The tensions around the world are high and it seems like nothing good will come.  Russia is another force we cannot underestimate, because Putin likes to kill any threats or opposers. The Middle East has ISIS who needs to be taken out. Persecution of the Jews and Christians all over the world is a rising dilemma. Israel is our ally, but it seems like we’re pushing them away and not helping them. I do believe the reason why Obama doesn’t completely support Israel is because he’s a Muslim.

In conclusion, we have a lot to worry about and if you’re not worried, than shame on you for not being aware of the problems we have.  The opinions are solely are mine, go ahead and make fun of me if you don’t agree, but my faith remains unshaken.  Only God knows when it’ll happen, but eventually it will.  In Him I trust completely.

Thank you for taking your time to read my thoughts.  I plan on blogging much more often than I have.  Please comment or let me know your thoughts on this subject.

(Note: *I don’t know who the religious leader is going to be when it comes to Revelations.)

Unnerving feelings.

Have you ever had a nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach, like something’s either not right or about to happen?  I know I have, and have had this feeling since Obama took office in 2008.  When I saw that he was the presidential nominee, I watched him and watched people who admired him so greatly.  My first thought was not that I wanted to vote for him, but that there’s something seriously wrong with him.  The pit in my stomach arose at this time and has yet to go away. I was asked all the time, why don’t you like him?  I could pinpoint it immediately, a president is not supposed to be popular.  He’s not supposed to fawned over and glorified, but he was, because he is black and young.  People my age felt comfortable with him because he is a young president and we’d be moving forward as a nation to elect a black man.  I feel like this was my first problem with him, he possessed these “qualities” and people blindly followed him.  It reminds me of someone else who rose to power from his popularity and charismatic speeches, Hitler.

Another problem I have with him is the first thing he passed into law, that we as tax payers have to pay for African women’s abortions.  I am a Catholic woman, through and through.  I’m pro-life and this president just violated one of the most important things in my belief system, life.  In my mind, I wonder, how can he call himself a Christian when he goes and does something like this.  Most Americans had a problem with this, but the media never really covered it.

Obamacare.  How’s it working for you?  I’m betting that it’s not.  How does a law that nobody wants, get through anyways?   If you are a liberal who voted for Obama and supported Obamacare, and lost your insurance, I’m not sorry, just saying, you were warned of the many flaws it came with.  No one thought that death panels would be a reality, but I knew and it’s coming this way.

When I Became Patriotic, My Story.

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

The summer before sixth grade my parents and I took a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia.  When we entered the beautiful colonial town it was like stepping into a history book, or time travelling.  People roaming around, doing daily tasks that people in 1700-1800’s would do.  When you walked into the buildings, people would comment on your appearance like it was out of the norm, or telling you what was happening in the world, during that year.

I learned so much there, I realized how hard it must have been to leave your country and start anew and fight for freedom you hadn’t had before.  I’m sure that there were times then that made them question, “was this all really worth it”?  Yes, yes it was.  I was mesmerized by the town and awed and inspired.  I knew in that moment, this is why I’m an American.  I’m so proud.  My parents, being patriots before this trip, had refreshed love for this great nation.

I felt a change in my very being from that week, but Williamsburg was not our only stop.  We went to Washington D.C. and that ignited my love even brighter.  Our country was founded by men who would stop at nothing to protect the people from tyranny and uphold the American flag as a symbol of hope, freedom, and pursuit of happiness.  They were people of God.

When we returned home from that trip, I was informed and excited.  I told all of my friends who just kind of shrugged it off, which I can’t say I blamed them, they didn’t know my experience.  I feel like to become a true patriot is similar to become a born again Christian, when you find the truth in something, it’s unstoppable and when you know, you just know.  Since I was quite young then, I could not wrap my head around anyone wanting to hurt us, or our great nation.  I just thought everyone loved America or were just jealous.  I didn’t know until the day came.

It was a day like any other day.  I got up, went to school.  Just like any other day.

I was sitting in my art class, working on a project when a lady who worked in the front office came racing in.  She whispered to our art teacher and she said, “Oh my God, no.”  She turned on the small TV in our classroom and the news came on.  It was footage of one of the twin towers falling.  I didn’t understand, it didn’t register.  I looked at my teacher and she’s crying.  Other children looked as confused as I was.  I heard friends whisper about maybe getting out of school early, which we didn’t, because we really didn’t know what was happening.

When I got home, my mom was on her knees in the living room, crying, bawling, yelling.  She explained that it was a terrorist attack.  I felt like someone knocked the air out of my lungs.  I was horrified.  Here I just went on a trip and discovered who I am, which is a full blown patriot, and now someone is attacking our great nation.  It felt personal.  It hurt me so much.

I watched President George W. Bush’s reaction and thought he handled the situation with such grace.  He was a brand new president when this happened and I can’t imagine what was like, having to make the decisions he made.  I give him so much credit for not scaring the children he was reading to.  He is a president to be proud of, no matter what your beliefs are or political alignment might be.  He knew how to speak when terror struck.

Ever since 9-11-2001 I have been a born again American, you hurt our country, you’re also hurting me.

My View on Modern Feminism

My take on modern feminism is: it’s a complete waste of time.  UNLESS, they were actually out in other countries fighting for real oppressed women.  INSTEAD, we have a bunch of whiners who believe that everyone is out to violate their body or just bullying men for simply being who they are, men.  

Similar to the equal rights activists, feminism is not about balancing out males and females.  It’s all about power struggle.

We need to really take a look at our priorities. Are we really as oppressed as the modern feminist would tell you we are? Ask a modern feminist about the Muslim women who have to watch their female child go through a torturous vaginal circumcision. Would they even care? What about a gay man who enters into a Muslim country?  He’s doomed to die if he’s found out.  They aren’t peaceful or tolerant toward women or homosexuals.

Modern feminism only focuses on women not getting paid fairly or women who claim they have been raped but in all reality, it’s consensual.  

So overall, modern feminism is a joke to me.